About Minky Kitten

About me, what can I say? I make cake. That’s what I used to tell people who asked me what I did for a living. I wasn’t lying; I do honestly make cake, and lots of it but I do so much more than that. What I do is bring people together.  People don’t eat a cake like ours without having a celebration or occasion of some kind.

I entered the world of cake by accident but there are so many diverse, creative ways to explore ideas with cake that life is never dull and it’s an endless journey of learning. I always strive to create the best cake I can whether it be a six-inch celebration cake to a four-tier wedding cake.

I use ideas my clients bring to sketch and create a special personalised cake that can be enjoyed both in terms of eating and as a work of art. From moulding character models to ‘growing’ sugar flowers I love it all.

We have been fortunate to grow from a small start-up in 2010 to having a new Cake Studio and Academy in 2017, winning several national awards through the years. We’ve kept the traditional home-baking style using Victoria Sponge based recipes whilst adapting and perfecting them to reach the moist, filling-crammed cakes we’re renowned for, not to mention the inventiveness, humour and modelling skills in our cake designs.