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Minky Cake PartiesThe reasons why:

One of our main polices here is to be honest in life in general; with ourselves and others, so here it is…

Since starting the cake business it has grown and developed beyond what I originally imagined. I only fell into cake by accident, it was never a burning ambition. Having said that, I got bitten by the cake bug and became more than slightly obsessed and it rather took over my life.

Initially we sectioned off part of our garage for cake, then moved to a new house so that I could accommodate having the business at home in a separate kitchen from our domestic one, at that point I should have realised it was getting out of hand but continued and last year took on a studio.

I never had an ‘end’ in mind so although I kept moving the business forward I was never sure of the final vision. It has been easy to get caught up in the activity trap, the business of caking, working harder and harder but the cake business has left me feeling I was ‘baking the wrong cake’ for my life. Success has come at the expense of what I feel is much more important to me, and I want to ‘bake a different cake’ in future.

I have been fortunate not to be alone on this journey of cake madness; my friends helped renovate the unit to studio worthiness, the talented and awesome Roz baked cakes with me, the amazing Pauline helped with our pan bashing (washing up and mile long list of thankless tasks), my friends have been understanding as I have been late, postponed dates and supported me. My family have been patient as I put cakes before them and ruined evenings and weekends from either cake deliveries or being too exhausted to be much use for anything! And of course, my delightful, loyal and caring clients who have stuck by me, forgiven me my mistakes and continued to order cakes.

What I hadn’t anticipated in my cake life was the demands it would create. I love designing and bringing the cakes to life with decoration, but running a cake business also requires administration, marketing, social media response, buying ingredients, quoting, experimenting, washing up, baking, filling and loads of time. It is relentless. Cake creation is a very intensive labour of love job.

This year life events meant we reviewed our life as a family. I’m a true believer in trying your best at all time as you’ve only been given one chance, there are no life rehearsals. I have my brilliantly supportive parents to thank for that ideal which has served me well through the years as I have always thrown myself fully into everything which means I have been fortunate to experience wonderful things. Although the cake world has been a wonderful experience I now want to reign it back in and concentrate on my family and friends.

This means I am re-locating to my second home kitchen (all certified etc so no hygiene worries!) to enable me to be more at home for my family. Most of you know I am blessed with three boys, and they need me still, more than being at the studio would allow in work terms.

I’m going to reduce my cake load, therefore taking fewer bookings. There are only a certain number of hours in the day and I’m determined not to stretch myself too thin at the detriment of my family or sanity. (My sanity some would say has always been in question.) But I won’t be ‘squeezing in’ any cakes last minute in the future and I am going to limit my cake time.

It’s a testament to how great all my clients have been that it got so cake crazy and I want to thank them all for helping me ‘bake’ a dream into reality.

Minky Love, Sj

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