Wedding cake trends come and go, but some remain longer than others, here’s the insider view on what’s hot in the wedding cake world.

Buttercream Wedding Cake

Cream Rose Buttercream Wedding Cake

When it comes to your wedding cake, you want something personal and unique to you and your style. Does it really matter what ‘wedding cake trends’ are current? What you want it to be is amazing, stylish and a wow factor cake that might live on your mantelpiece as a memory forever, I don’t mean as a piece of moulding cake but as as photo of you and your partner cutting it, obviously!

Having said that, you perhaps want to know what is in vogue so your cake doesn’t look dated, and you add a twist of your own personality and style.

Wedding Trends Cakes in 2018

Sharp edges. Enough said. Gone are the rounded edges of fondant cakes, the sharp, clean edged look is in.

Metallic colouring is being used as either single tiers, to give contrast or a vague shimmer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s gold or silver, either are as effective. Gold leaf is being used in a more artistic and random way scattered down cakes, giving the cake a visual flow.

Naked and semi-naked and buttercream wedding cakes are here to stay, especially in light of the recent Royal wedding. But cakes are sharper in style with perhaps more dramatic detail like drips and other items than just fruit, like macaroons and fresh flowers are being piled on top.

Handcrafted flowers are of subtle colours with a combination of different coloured foliage, eucalyptus being a favourite with its subtle blue-greenish tinge.

Extended tiers and tall cakes are in demand, creating an elegant slimline look.

Exotic flavours are being experimented with. Usually we’re asked for vanilla, chocolate and lemon but adding a special more exotic flavour can be exciting, such as salted caramel, lime and coconut or white chocolate and passion fruit.

Whatever style of cake you choose for your wedding, if you take into consideration wedding cake trends, remember to savour the moment and flavour of the day, not just the cake.

We can help talk through design ideas and create the perfect cake for your wedding day. Book a consultation with us where we can talk over tea and cake.