Cake for Life

The reasons why: One of our main polices here is to be honest in life in general; with ourselves and others, so here it is… Since starting the cake business it has grown and developed beyond what I originally imagined. I only fell into cake by accident, it was never a burning ambition. Having said [...]

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What is the Wedding Cake Trend for 2018?

Wedding cake trends come and go, but some remain longer than others, here's the insider view on what's hot in the wedding cake world. Cream Rose Buttercream Wedding Cake When it comes to your wedding cake, you want something personal and unique to you and your style. Does it really matter what 'wedding [...]

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The perfect wedding cake There’s no doubt about it: the best person to choose your wedding cake is you. But how can you to find out what different types of cakes are possible before making your choice? That’s where Minky Kitten Cakes comes in. We would love to meet you to talk through with you our remarkable range of contemporary and traditional wedding cakes. [...]

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